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Build Your Body
Build Your Character

Build Both At The City’s Exclusive, By Appointment Only One-on-one Personal Training Studio.

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Build Your Body
Build Your Character

Build Both At The City’s Exclusive, By Appointment Only One-on-one Personal Training Studio.

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Investing in yourself is an investment in your health

Your health is your wealth. It can be easy to put your fitness on hold while life gets in the way - but investing just 2 hours of training a week has been proven to help get you fitter, keep your heart healthy and energise you entirely. All while getting you the body shape that you have aspired to. Created by Paul Byrne - with over 25 years in the fitness industry - the BodyByrne training method is a tried and tested. Our results speak for themselves with top celebrities and athletes from around the world choosing to train the BodyByrne method.

All trainers at BodyByrne use the method and every client is overseen by Paul to ensure you stay on track to acheive your target. All programmes are individually tailored to our clients needs. Your investment of time in training combined with with our nutrition advice will ensure you’re on the way to achieving your goal.

We Guarantee Success

We will design an individualised training and nutritional program for your very specific needs, body type, lifestyle and goals. All our programs are based on sound nutrition and proven training techniques – not hype. We will also monitor your progress online via our website and via email, answer all your questions and keep you in the zone, motivated and achieving your goals.

One - One Training

We specialise in providing not only successful personal training, but ensuring that every facet of your physical and emotional health is nurtured. More than just a one-to-one training system. BodyByrne trainers design and implement individualized programs specific to each individual client. Resistance training makes up the core of the session with short bursts of cardio in between to ensure the client is constantly working to their optimum.

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The Studio

Personal Training at BodyByrne is carried out in our 3500 sq ft beautiful private studio at 43-44 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, D02 YK66 just off Grafton Street. Training can only take place with one of the BodyByrne Trainers, there are no gym memberships, ensuring that all clients are working one-on-one whilst in the studio. This productive and inspiring setting allows you and your Trainer to focus on one thing, your results.

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Meet Your Trainers

Paul Byrne

About Paul Byrne

Paul has been working out now for over 25 years and has been training others for almost as long. He has studied and tested in all areas including physical training, nutrition and recovery. "Theories are great, but what counts are real results in the gym and your body, and that...

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Siobhan Byrne

About Siobhan Byrne

Siobhan is director and cooowner of Bodybyrne Fitness... and a full-time trainer. She is a brand ambassador for Puma and has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years. With a background in Kickboxing Siobhan has competed in tournaments around Ireland. Siobhan is an experienced certified trainer and...

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Maija Rumjanceva

About Maija Rumjanceva

”I have always loved fitness and enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. Ever since I can remember, I was always involved in some kind of exercise. Whether it was running in the mornings or aerobics after school; being a part of the local handball team; running marathons competitively or just playing football...

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Matthieu Jalet

About Matthieu Jalet

Matt is an experienced strength and conditioning coach. He started training in Martial Arts at the age of 7 and at 15 he was selected to be part of the Irish Olympic Taekwondo team. Six years ago he started working in the fitness industry and for the last three and a...

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Amanda Kelly

About Amanda Kelly

Amanda has been involved in sport since the age of 5, competing and coaching in gymnastics both nationally and internationally. She has been working in fitness and sport for over 8 years. Her passion lies in educating her clients on exercise and nutrition; leading them to a healthy and active lifestyle....

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Warren Kelly

About Warren Kelly

Warren has been involved into the Sports Industry since young age. As well as playing soccer, basketball and rugby he has competed in Javelin where he successfully won a bronze medal at national level. First steps in his professional career started 7 years ago when he got involved in Kickboxing....

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Santa Laganovska

About Santa Laganovska

Our wonderful Administration Manager Santa manages the studio and deals with all bookings for BodyByrne Fitness. She will organise your next appointment, advise on package deals and liaise with your trainer to ensure you have the best experience possible at Bodybyrne Fitness.  Santa recently graduated the Riga International School of Economics and...

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Joel White

About Joel White

Joel has been involved in sports since he could walk, he has been playing Soccer, Rugby, Gaelic football, Basketball, Cricket and Badminton.  After taking up rugby when he was 13, his progression to resistance training and weightlifting was inevitable. He then took a sports science course when he was 16 and...

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Nikolett Barta

About Nikolett Barta

Nikki has been involved in sport since she was 5 years old, when her parents brought her down to the swimming pool to learn to swim. Since that day she fell in love with it and continued swimming for 13 years before she became a national champion in 2003.  In the...

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