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Ultimate Fitness and Health Holiday

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The Ultimate Fitness and Health Holiday 2018 takes place at a 5 star resort in Cyprus with Siobhan and her team. 

A 5 day holiday in Sunny Cyprus - from the 23rd to 27th April 2018, where healthy and nutritious food is designed for you by an expert.

Every day includes conditioning training; outdoor activities; food nutrition; fitness workshops and yoga.

What people say about our Fitness Holiday

"Fantastic 5 days that opened my mind beyond just HIIT workouts. I really enjoyed the yoga, the location, the trainers and the holistic approach. Restorative yoga was my favourite class, Geraldine is a fantastic teacher and it switched me from someone who does not see benefit of yoga to a convert. I realised that stretching and opening the body is very important. Plus I slept so well afterwards. The trainers complimented each other so the whole experience worked well. I feel that I was pushed beyond where I would go on my own and was made to realise how important the nutrition elpent is. Because this is run by personal trainers rather than a boot camp that runs every week, I felt that the attention was more personal and that it was about the long term not just short term weight loss. I would love to do another one."

- Amy Wright

"Possibly the best thing I've done for myself in recent years. The camaraderie of the group in all activities and meals... Siobhan's forensic approach to meals and eating... Plenty of down time with lots of really inspiring conversations with Claire and Siobhan... The overall feeling of the stay - really laid back, although I know a huge amount of work went in to making it so enjoyable and stress free... The delicious food... The feeling of being minded... The feeling that everything was being done for my best health and results... The variety of classes, all of which I enjoyed... The fact that I was pushed just enough, but never too much. (I could go on!)"

- Melanie Morris

(Image Magazine editor-in-chief)

"Well managed and well executed Fitness Holiday. Wide variety of activity kept things interesting and I really liked the circuits."

- Anthony Place

"The Fitness Holiday was fantastic. Five star – food, training and accommodation. I enjoyed the hikes and the yoga, the early morning hike so see nature."

- Caroline Cooke

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