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Monday, Jan 14, 2019

Move it, improve your posture and stay pain-free in 2019

Modern life is hazardous for many reasons, not least its impact on our mobility and flexibility.

This week we will be looking at six different mobility movements for you to try at home. Eventually you can develop a programme of movements that you find will benefit you, but you should try to complete all of the exercises to see where your restrictions lie.

In our gym environment the use of mirrors is crucial to see how we perform exercise. From the form, to range of movement, to ability to completing the exercise as it’s meant to be. It’s very easy to think you are executing an exercise correctly – until you see it being performed in a mirror. For example, you will notice in the simple squat that you may not be able to get as deep as you would like, or perhaps you are leaning forward too much.

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