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Sunday, Apr 29, 2018

Shape up for Summer – week 1 workout 2

Week 1 Workout 2

Warm Up – Jog on the spot for 30 seconds then go straight into step ups for 30 seconds followed by Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds repeat this 2-3 times.

Complete Each exercise for 12-15 reps. When you have completed each exercise move to the next until all exercises are complete. This will be one set complete 4-5 sets depending on ability.


1 – Stand upright holding dumbbells by your sides with arms straight.

2 – Take a step forward, dropping your back knee down and leaning your torso slightly forward with your weight on your front leg.

3 – Push off your front foot to return to the start position.

• Complete all reps on one side before switching to the other side.

Kneeling Renegade

1 – Start in the top position of a push up with your hands on dumbbells.

2 – Raise one dumbbell up to your shoulder, bending at the elbow.

• Lower this dumbbell and repeat on the other side.

Twisting Curl
1 – Stand upright holding the dumbbells by your sides with your arms straight and your palms facing inward.

2 – Raise the dumbbells up to your shoulders, turning at the wrists, finishing with your palms facing back.

• Keep your elbows close to your sides throughout and do not swing your arms or upper body.

Mountain Climber
• Support your body on your toes and hands in the top of a push up position.

1 – Quickly bring one knee in towards your chest and across your body to the opposite elbow, keeping the rest of your body in the push up position.

2 – Straighten this leg back out and repeat with the other leg to the other side.

1 – Stand upright holding one dumbbell in both hands behind your head with your elbows bent.

2 – Straighten your arms, raising the dumbbell up overhead.

3 – Lower the dumbbell back down behind your head, bending your elbows.

Bridge Press

• Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat, holding dumbbells up over your shoulders with your upper arms on the floor, elbows bent.

1 – Raise your hips off the floor, trying to make a straight line from your hips to your shoulders. 

2 – Press the dumbbells up over your chest, straightening your arms.