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Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

Take the first steps to a leaner, fitter, stronger you

Setting realistic goals and making small changes will lead to success

Welcome to week one of our eight-week fitness challenge. For the next eight weeks we are going to be looking at how to create a sustainable fitness routine that you can adapt to your lifestyle to help get you fitter and leaner but, most importantly, to give you focus to challenge yourself and to see real long-term changes to your shape and fitness levels.

If you have overindulged over the Christmas period and are determined to get back in shape, then this will be the plan for you.

Like with any plan, your success will be achieved by making small changes, building on them gradually and sticking to them long-term. Remember that body fat doesn’t go on overnight, so there is no diet or training programme that is going to take body fat off overnight.
Let’s start with setting realistic goals.

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