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The Fit Summer workout: All you need is 30 minutes, three times a week

A do-anywhere strength-training exercise plan for all fitness levels – you can even do it with the kids Whether you are looking to improve your fitness habits, or if you are starting from the beginning after a tough year where you did not look after yourself, there is no better time than to start fresh…

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Personal trainer Siobhan Byrne: ‘Slow and steady always wins this race’

Personal trainer and gym owner Siobhan Byrne tells why a balanced and consistent approach is needed to reach your fitness goals Strength coach, personal trainer and gym-owner Siobhan Byrne has 16 years experience working with clients on achieving their fitness goals. According to Siobhan, the keys to a fit and healthy life are consistency and…

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Set your exercise habit for 2021: how to build a home workout

This week we add four new exercises to our routine. You will now have 16 exercises from which you can build a home workout for the next six weeks Today we will focus on core and legs. These exercise can be combined with the last 12 exercises to make a complete body workout. I find…

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