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Corporate Fitness

Let Us Train Your Team

You know already that people are a companies greatest asset. Beyond improving retention – providing a fitness programme will boost morale and reduce absenteeism; enhance focus and creativity, and cultivate a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

We work with medium to large-size companies offering personal and group training, in-house or nearby, with or without equipment. We can also work with people in our own studio in Dublin 2.

Kicking Off as a Group

We launch your corporate program with an introductory talk led by Paul Byrne.

Paul will help your team thinking about their own fitness goals – whether it’s building strength, loosing weight, increasing flexibility or boosting energy. We’ll discuss basic nutritional guidance to fuel workouts and support overall well-being.

This session lays the foundation for a positive and empowering program, bringing your people together and forming a sense of community around the classes – really important for buy-in from your staff.


A Personal Fitness Audit

Every one of your people will have different goals, and different starting lines, too! Classes delivered in groups might be overwhelming for some – “trying to keep up”. Inclusivity is at the heart of our programs.

We follow the group talk with an short individual consultation (just 5-8 minutes) with each team member to discuss where they are at, and how they can move forward.

We use our InBody Full Body Composition Analysis to take a snapshot of each person and our trainer will talk through the report. He’ll explain what it all means, and what’s next. With printouts optional, staff can receive their report directly to their app. And as the programme rolls on they can track their progress with quarterly repeat scans.

Each team member will have their own personal goals to aim for. As part of your in-house program and their own activity outside of work.

On-site Fitness Classes

We offer scalable corporate fitness programs designed to fit your team’s size and space limitations! Whether you have a dedicated gym, a workout room or limited square footage, we can create a dynamic program to get your employees moving.

We’ll utilise bodyweight exercises or light equipment (think resistance bands) to transform your conference room, common area, or even the hallway into a vibrant fitness zone.

We find a maximum of 10 people to be the sweet spot for an effective class. Keeping at this number allows us to still focus on the individual to help them along their path.

We’ll work with you to configure time tables, class length and frequency to ensure that everyone has access to your program.


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See What Our Clients Have To Say

In six weeks at Bodybyrne my husband Donal achieved the results he’d been attempting to achieve for over 1 year in our local gym. He found the work outs and dietary advice second to none.
Anna McPartlin
"I found Paul to be very professional, I got fantastic results from my time training with Paul and his team. There is a level of trust there that is not easy to find."
Brian Hade
Events Negotiator at Victory Centre
"From my experience of training with Siobhan, it is not just her exceptional knowledge and expertise that are self evident but her genuine focus and commitment to improving her client's fitness levels and helping them set and achieve their targets. I would absolutely recommend her."
Owen Sorensen

Turn Key Office Gym

Do you have space for a gym or an existing facility that could be upgraded? We can help you create an efficient and effective workout space that meets your company’s needs. With over 30 years of experience, we design gyms that are functional and well-organised to utilise your space. We work with Techno Gym and other industry leaders to provide you with the most cutting-edge equipment on the market.

Our Corporate Clients Include

We work with companies to help their employees stay healthy. Employees can train onsite in the company's office or in our state-of-the-art studio. Live and pre-recorded video workouts are also available so they can choose the workout time that best fits their schedule. Some of our corporate clientele include AIB, 2K, Deloitte and Alliance.

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