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Personal Training

Personal Training at BodyByrne is carried out in our 3300 sq ft beautiful private studio at 2nd Floor of Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, 59 South William Street Dublin 2, D02 F5P0 just off
Grafton Street. The BodyByrne team consists of a personal training team of highly qualified and professional personal trainers. Whether you are
interested in fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, training for a specific event or just keeping fit, our team can deliver the results you want with
a personalised program to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

Training can only take place with one of the BodyByrne Trainers, there are no gym memberships, ensuring that all clients are working one-on-one
whilst in the studio. This productive and inspiring setting allows you and your trainer to focus on one thing, your results. BodyByrne don’t
believe in sweaty gyms and boot camps. What makes us the best, is the fact that we deliver more than just results.

We specialise in providing not only successful personal training, but ensuring that every facet of your physical and emotional health is nurtured.
More than just a one-to-one training system. BodyByrne trainers design and implement individualized programs specific to each individual client.
Resistance training makes up the core of the session with short bursts of cardio in between to ensure the client is constantly working to their

BodyByrne Training is also leading the way with innovative and insightful approaches to ensuring your success. All clients receive around the clock
communication and support from their trainer. We never give up!

What to expect form your initial consultation and training session.

Your future success starts with a consultation with one of our trainers. We’ll show you around the studio. We will listen to what you want as a
client and advise on the best way to approach this. As every client is different we use an approach that is tailored to the individuals needs
to ensure results.

Nutrition plays a large part in achieving these goals so full BodyByrne nutritional guidelines will be explained and given to you at this consultation.

We can also assist you with food diary checks to help keep you motivated as part of your continued training plan with BodyByrne. A full body assessment
will be carried out including weight and a 12 point body composition test. We are results driven so you can expect full body stats every 4-6
weeks depending on your needs and requirements.

After this your training commences with your initial training session. We use a mixture of weights and cardio with the BodyByrne training method
to get the best results for you.

Initial consultation and training session 90 minutes €95

Dynamic stretching and mobility

We are introducing our new 30min Mobility and Stretching sessions.

Our Dynamic stretching/mobility 1 on 1 is designed to relieve tired muscles, improve flexibility and mobility within the body while reenergising. Sessions lasts 30mins and we recommend one session a week in order to achieve good flexibility and mobility within the body.


Here in BodyByrne we put a lot of emphasis on nutrition and diet.  Many people feel that their diet may be good but training hard and getting
real results requires the correct balance in your diet. Our nutritional guidelines are there to optimize your metabolic function and get the
results you have previously struggled to achieve.

BodyByrne team is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition. We are not about
fad diets or rapid weight loss – that is only temporary. We believe in long term results that you are happy with and we strive to keep each
client on track; focused and motivated throughout their training journey.