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Join Health & Living editor Yvonne Hogan and follow performance coach Anna Geary, personal trainer Siobhan Byrne and dietitian Orla Walsh as they bring you on a fitness journey unlike any other

Welcome to your Fit Summer plan. With our team of coaches, over the next four Mondays, in Health&Living and on, we will bring you on a journey that will enable you to make deep and lasting changes so that you can live the fit, healthy, long life you deserve. It is a plan to motivate you, to nourish you and to show you the joy of moving your body.

Anna Geary defines fitness as “a state of mind, an aura, it is how you feel about yourself”. I used to be fit. I lost a lot of weight in my early 30s and in the process developed a love for strength training and lifting weights. I would exercise four or five times a week. I prepped all my food in advance and ate loads of lean meat and fresh vegetables.

I had a strong body. And I felt great. Being strong and fit gave me such a feeling of confidence and power. And I miss that feeling so much. I miss the energy and the lack of aches and pains and I miss the freedom of living in a fit body. Of being able to get up in the morning and put on clothes and not worry about how I looked. So what happened?

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