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Personal trainer and gym owner Siobhan Byrne tells why a balanced and consistent approach is needed to reach your fitness goals

Strength coach, personal trainer and gym-owner Siobhan Byrne has 16 years experience working with clients on achieving their fitness goals. According to Siobhan, the keys to a fit and healthy life are consistency and a balanced, gradual approach.

“Start slowly. Whether that be on food, or training or combined. Make small little changes in your week that you can actually stick to. When you can stick to that for a month or so, then you can add in a something extra here or there,” she says.

“Of all the people I have trained, the ones that are the most successful are the people who don’t crash diet, and who don’t go all out training five or six times a week. The people who go all out don’t stick to it. It tends to be a momentary thing. In all our years of training people, of the people who have done very well, it is slow and steady wins this race.”

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