InBody Full Body Composition Analysis Scan

It’s week three of your exercise plan and this time we are concentrating on our legs, arms and glutes. The workouts operate on two levels, each with its own tempo. Take your time perfecting each exercise to get the best form possible

This week we are going to look at four new exercises to add to your previous two workouts. By now your fitness levels should be picking up and you should be starting to feel stronger.

Make sure you are getting at least two workouts in a week at this stage, if not three and try to get some cardio in on the days you are not working out. As we increase the amount of exercises, you will need to allow for extra time in your workout.

By now you have a good full body workout that you can do at home or outside and will keep you going for a couple of months. If you find it getting too easy, it can be adapted by changing the tempo, increasing reps, or using time under tension – where you hold the exercise position for a couple of seconds.


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