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Friday, Jan 08, 2021

Feel the Byrne and get fit at home in lockdown..

From Hugh Jackman to Saoirse Ronan, Liam Cunningham and Michael Fassbender, not to mention some of Ireland’s leading musicians such as Picture This and Boyzone – all have enhanced their fitness with help of Paul Byrne.  Ireland’s top trainer to the stars, who has been running BodyByrne with his wife Siobhan Byrne for 25 years, gives his exclusive at home workout tips to get you through lock-down.

Even Hollywood A-listers have trouble focusing on training at home. Being distracted means you’re not actually keeping your heart rate up, so you’re not getting the benefit of your exercise. 

Paul told the Irish Mirror:
“Once you start training regularly you’ll fly it and love body weight exercises.

“The important thing is, don’t stop for anything once you start, move from one exercise to the other, it keeps your heart rate going.

“You try to finish in as quick a time as possible, so you’re not dilly-dallying, which is what a lot of people do at home because the kids are there.

“But you have to think of it like diving into a pool, don’t stop until you’re out the far side.”

“The best bet at home is to set yourself a challenge, say you have to do 300 reps a day and take it from there and build on it.

“Once you decide to do it, it’s you against you.”

Read full article on Irish Daily Mirror, 7th Janurary 2021.