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Sunday, Apr 29, 2018

Shape up for Summer – week 1 workout 3

Week 1 Workout 3

Warm Up – Jog on the spot for 30 seconds then go straight into step ups for 30 seconds followed by Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds repeat this 2-3 times.

Complete Each exercise for 12-15 reps. When you have completed each exercise move to the next until all exercises are complete. This will be one set complete 4-5 sets depending on ability.

Squat Jumps

• Stand holding dumbbells with your arms straight by your sides.

1 – Bend at the hips and knees into a semi-squat position, leaning your torso slightly forward.

2 – Push off your feet jump straight up.

3 – Land in semi squat to absorb and repeat the jump.


1 – Lie on your back holding one dumbbell in both hands with your arms extended up over your chest.

2 – Lower the dumbbell back behind your head, keeping your arms straight.

3 – Raise the dumbbell back up over your chest, returning to the start position.

Side Bridge Reach

• Support your body off the floor, resting on the side of your bottom foot and your forearm, holding a dumbbell in your top hand by your side.

1 – Lower the dumbbell down, under and your across chest, reaching to your opposite side, twisting your torso.

2 – Twist your torso back to the front and raise the dumbbell up straight towards ceiling over your shoulder.

• Complete all reps on one side before switching to the other side.

Close Grip Floor Press

1 – Lie on the floor holding dumbbells at shoulder level with your elbows bent and your palms facing in.

2 – Press the dumbbells straight up over your chest, keeping your palms facing in.

• Lower the dumbbells back to shoulder level and repeat.

Double Swing

1 – Squat holding dumbbells in both hands between your legs with your arms straight.

2 – Thrust your hips forward, swinging the dumbbells out and up to just over shoulder height with your arms straight.

• Allow the dumbbells to fall forward, guiding them back down along the same path and repeat.

Russian Twist

1 – Start in a sit up position with your feet flat, knees bent, holding a dumbbell out in front with your arms straight.

2 – Twist your torso to one side.

• Twist your torso back to the other side, keeping your feet flat and arms straight throughout.

• Alternate sides with each rep.