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Monday, Feb 11, 2019

Simple core exercises to do that are crucial for your mobility

Over the last number of weeks I’ve shared some of the key movements that I use on a regular basis with clients to help maintain and improve their mobility.

I also discussed the other factors you need to consider in order to help improve flexibility. Once all these factors are combined together, this is when you really start to see notable changes.

This week I’m talking about core strength and why it’s crucial for your mobility. The core plays a huge role in stabilising the body and if it does not have the ability to stabilise, it will need to pull from another area in the body to do this function. This means tendons, joints and other surrounding muscles working overtime to do the job of the core and of course in time, this will lead to tightness, which can lead to injury and therefore pain.

Yet again, just like mobility drills I see little point spending all your workout doing this. Through experience over the years, keeping things simple and developing a short but effective workout that you can sustain long-term, will be the key component in you getting what you set out to achieve.

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