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A do-anywhere strength-training exercise plan for all fitness levels – you can even do it with the kids

Whether you are looking to improve your fitness habits, or if you are starting from the beginning after a tough year where you did not look after yourself, there is no better time than to start fresh than right now. The first thing you need to do is sit down with your diary and find a window for 30 minutes three times a week. Stick to this — with no exceptions.

Whether you are a working mum or dad, a busy professional or just someone who is struggling to juggle fitness and life, you need to take a few moments to plan. Planning is the key to success whether it’s for food or training. Without a plan, it’s easy to fail. Through the pandemic, I have seen many people follow my fitness plans and classes. Those who have stuck to it have been the ones that set aside 30 minutes of training three times a week.

I often get my kids to work out in the garden with me. If your children are still quite young, you may only get 15 minutes before they lose interest, but by adding them in, you will be creating a fitness environment so they get used to fitness being a way of life.

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